Insurance and Reinsurance company WARTA S.A

It is operating on the Polish market from 1920. Is one of the largest insurance companies in Poland. Very rich offer of insurance in it among others communications, property and personal including over 160 insurance products,ensures both individuals customer, and companies with the broad protection. Thanks to numerous options and variants every customer can alone determine conditions and a subject of insurance, compose the product up to the standards of personal needs.



Generali Direct

Generali Direct is a commercial brand Generali Towarzystwa Ubezpiecze S.A. belonging to the Group of Generali. The Generali group is in terms of the size third in Europe with international insurance-financial concern.Generali Direct offers the full coverage for drivers, passengers,vehicles and innovative solution within the framework of policy Autocasco.home or house insurance,home and house insurance.

Did you invest much money in your flat? Do you want to your house will be an oasis of peace and safeties for you, your family and friends? Buy tourist insurance.Insuring travels abroad in Generali it: the fullest scope of duties, the speed and the convenience of the on-line purchase -iregardless of whether you are going abroad tourist or for money!



OC insurance
OC package isn't only a compulsory insurance.
AC insurance
an AC Package is Autcasco nsurance and Assistance in one.
OC+AC insurance
Full package for the most requiring drivers.
OC+AC insurance for women
- Package for Women with special conveniences

AXA pension fund
If you want for the first time to enrol in the opened pension fund or to change current OFE choose AXA opened pension fund one of five biggest pension funds in Poland in respect values of managed net assets.

The number of Customers of our fund is increasing very dynamically and reached as many as 770 thousand persons (data on 31August 2009)

n order to set to the fund suffice only to call,to order the contact with the insurance - financial Representative or to fill the application in on-line.

DID YOU JUST BEGIN THE CAREER? If this is the case in the sequence of 7 days you should to set to the opened pension fund(it concerns persons birth after 31 December 1968) If you don't do it,the fund will be assigned you by ZUS through drawing of lots.