PKO Bank Polski is one of the largest and oldest Polish banks. The brand prestige has been built for many decades and many generations of Poles have used the Bank's services. We feel obliged by the long tradition and our customers trust. That is why PKO Bank Polski strives to be perceived as an institution which is:
* reliable, strong and market-competitive,
* modern and innovative, customer-friendly and effectively managed,
* sensitive to the material and spiritual needs of society, caring for the development of its cultural awareness.
The Bank's offer of products and services is constantly adapted to the changing market conditions and growing customers demands. Although the competition on Poland's banking market is very strong, the Bank has for years remained its leader both in terms of business achievements and financial results. This position is strengthened by the largest sales network. At the same time, the Bank develops alternative distribution channels: installing new ATMs and more terminals. Customers may also use the electronic banking services offered by the iPKO brand.

PKO Bank Polski is a leader among retail banks:
* it has the largest number of deposits and savings-giro accounts,
* it also ranks first with regard to the number of bank cards issued.

Furthermore, the Bank is an important partner to both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations. It also has a substantial share in the market of services offered to local government units, such as communes, counties and provinces. It is also the leading organizer of municipal bond issues.

AGENCY of the PKO Bank Polski S.A.

Agency of the PKO Banku Polskiego "MODMAR" offers specialised services and is involved in the sale of:
* various financial products (for instance, pension funds etc.),
* leasing funds,
* investment fund units,
* electronic payment services.
Thus, PKO Bank Polski Agency and its subsidiaries offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services.

- MODMAR MARCIN MODERSKI agency offer.Mortgage credits for the purchase of estate:apartment (apartaments), house (houses), plot (plots).

Payments and payments carried out on-line (straight away in an account).
opening an account
granting consumer credits.

PKO BP SA 3714 Agency

housing estate:Dolne Miasto 15
tel./fax + 48 67 250 16 48
Opening hours: 8.00 - 18.30
(break 13.00 - 13.30)

PKO BP SA 3715 Agency

20 Okulickiego Street
tel./fax: + 48 67 258 01 36
Opening hours: 8.00 - 15.30

PKO BP SA 3725 Agency

17 Dabrowskiego Street
tel./fax: + 48 67 258 67 25
Opening hours: 8.00 - 15.30

Brand power PKO Banku Polskiego

Brand PKO Banku Polskiego once again was at the lead of the Ranking Most valuable Polish Brand,organized by editing of the daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita".Amongst 6 rands of the financial industry of the PKO BP took first place.
In the financial industry brand PKO Banku Polskiego took first place.Brand PKO BP evaluated on the nearly PLN3,2 billion - about PLN 0,9 billion more than a year ago.

Celebrations of giving certificates and statuettes to representatives of companies glory in the most precious brands was held on 9 December of this year.In the editorial office "Rzeczpospolitej"

- A rule was confirmed that in difficult times customers are searching for the safety and the certainty which is giving the good,inspected brand-to emphasise Marcin Anklewicz,chairman of consulting company which to worked out specification together with "Rzeczpospolita"

Our ranking similarly to world lists is based on result of sale from the previous year but it is assessing the current value of the most valuable Polish 7 rands.As a matter of fact majority of companies from specification better deals with economic slowing down than the rest of the economy.

In this year-like earlier-not only value were comparing but also power 7rand. Here volume of sales is counting less and more just power with which the brand is having an influence on consumers. Miroslaw Boruc-chairman of Instytutu Marki Polskiej is convinced that meaning of rands will grow. How he resembles, already before two years calculated that intangible assets (including brands) already constitutetwo thirds wealth of world which at one time in one piece was based on financial sources.
Agencies PKO BP SA

1. Payments and payment ( E L I K S I R ) ONLY PLN 2,5 - for THE REVENUE OFFICE
- accounts of SUPERKONTO,
- accounts of Business Partner,
- other payments.

Without payments are being accepted: - for accounts of our bank,
- payments audio/video devices,
- credit repayments from PKO BP.

3. Service: - SUPERKONTO,
- bankbooks,
- credits,
- transfers.

4. Orders of cheques

Rate of exchange