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ModMar - naprawa samochodów, instalacje gazowe lpg, bankowośc i ubezpieczenia Wałcz,

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ModMar Bank Arcade

ModMar Insurance

Welcome to the homepage The MODMAR company put beginnings in 1996 dealing with the mediation in importing luxurious cars to order.
In 2002, after the change of the region of activity was developed for banking facilities.
2006,it's occurrence of a garage- specializing in the electricity, electronics.At the beginning the workshop was located in utility rooms,after the move is located on the area of an former army in Wałcz.
After the gradual development and employing the personnel with long-term experience it is increasing the offer of services from the scope of the automotive sector (electrician,electronics, mechanics, tin-smithing,varnish, vulcanization).

We have also a wide assortment associated with all insurance:
for life,

Taking into account comprehensive customer service it offers the full help connected with purchase of the vehicle by selecting appropriate the car for the customer, help in getting funds (credit), the purchase, insurance and the service.

The company is trying delivering to get more and more modern solutions from every of branches by using the high quality equipment and employee trainings.

Motto of the company:
"in order to every customers has feeling appropriate understanding their needs and suitability to them the best solutions."

We are buying uncrashed cars of the brand AUDI, MERCEDES, VOLKSWAGEN to the generation '85
. Our company for over 14 years is selling passenger and truck cars. Cars which we offer to come from the EU, the United States as well as the area of our country.We only have cars uncrashed and on you the wish exists possibility of checking them in ASO.Every car is being checked in terms of to the legality as well as obligations and to every car is a full documentation.We are helping with all formalities associated with the registration of cars imported from foreign countries.Through agreements with banks we have a wide assortment of credit and leasings.We are realise individual orders of every car.
ModMar Bank Arcade
PKO BP SA 3714 Agency

housing estate:Dolne Miasto 15
tel./fax + 48 67 250 16 48

PKO BP SA 3715 Agency

20 Okulickiego Street
tel./fax: + 48 67 258 01 36

PKO BP SA 3725 Agency

Dabrowskiego 17 Street
tel./fax: + 48 67 258 67 25

ModMar Insurance
Kilinszczakow 28 Street(WARTA)
78-600 Walcz
tel. +48 67 250 11 00

Wolnosci 32 Street
BUDYNEK PMB(ground floor)
78-650 Miroslawiec
tel. +48 501 623 323


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